As I like to call the people in my tribe and on this beautiful planet angels, I have been truly blessed to meet Chloe. Am very impressed with all the great work she has done on herself and with others. Saying that she is very talented is an understatement. Her gifts are far beyond a list and I am sure that she will inspire many.
I highly recommend that you work with Chloe if you have the opportunity to be aligned with her.


 -Sonia Singh

Being Chloe's client, I experienced the deepest trance I have ever been in. Her attentiveness, positivity and attention to detail made all the difference.
I highly recommend her, not only for her professionalism, but for her empathy and her character.

-Hajnal Minger

I recently worked on some issues with Chloe. Wow. She was so helpful and really opened my eyes to a new perspective. It is so amazing to see a loving caring girl so knowledgeable and I know that Chloe will impact many lives. Thanks Chloe.

-Leon Christiansen

I had the incredible opportunity of working with Chloe to realign my values and look at the limiting decisions and beliefs I had placed around my relationships. Chloe provided great support and helped guide me through a series of exercises using NLP techniques which gave me the space to understand the impact of my actions and behaviour, and how to make a series of subtle shifts in my thinking that have had an amazing effect on my life and relationships. I highly recommend Chloe. The insight she provides in truly invaluable.

-Jade Martin

I highly recommend Chloe, her deep knowledge of NLP and Timeline Therapy is game changing.

-Sean Crust