Are you sick of spending a fortune on a habit that is shortening your life?

Are you tired of being ostracised by your fellow peers and potential lovers because you smell like stale smoke?

Are you ready to be a non smoker and empower others to follow in your footsteps towards better health?

Because with Hypnosis being a non-smoker is just around the corner.

After two weeks of tasking and an intervention session you are on the high road to success. Becoming a non-smoker can happen the moment you decide to take action towards a better you.

You make up your mind to no longer let cigarettes control your life because you are motivated to let go of the pain and suffering that is associated with smoking and you are now willing to face the fact that smoking is a real poison and threatens your happiness.

Using Hypnosis to become a non-smoker allows you to break all links associated with smoking.

Hypnosis gives you tools to be able to better handle feelings and emotions without reaching for the lighter.

When others are smoking around you, Hypnosis allows you to feel good about being in control of your life and decisions.


Hypnosis works because we don't try to tackle the problem consciously. We go deep into the Unconscious where behavioural patterns are embedded and rewrite and rewire your internal coding according to your goals and desires. Allowing change to happen instantly.

Imagine how much more time on Earth you will have to spend with your loved ones.

Imagine enjoying fun, light exercise and taking pleasure in long and deep breathes without feeling like your suffocating.

Imagine how youthful and hydrated your skin becomes once you really decide that you've chosen to become a non-smoker using Hypnosis.

Become Empowered to create a heather you, with Hypnosis.


Every Hypnosis session is tailored to individual needs.