8-week total transformation program

This 8-week program includes:


• A complimentary initial consult.

• 2 weeks of tasking.

• A 2-day personal breakthrough session.

• 3 fortnightly follow-up sessions. 

• On going Phone Call or Email support.


This program is designed for clients seeking major and accelerated change. For people who are experiencing self doubt and negativity.

 Living life in fear of others or your own failure.

 Struggling with being overly emotional and feeling overwhelmed, as if life has got you by the neck.

Stressing about time and money.

Perhaps procrastinating and can't find the motivation to get things done. 

Feeling stuck, lost and unsure about how to get what you want or where you want to be. 

Price on request
*Student discount available

Schedule a free 45 minute consultation now to discuss your goals and obstacles. 
Take action now to begin your journey of a  powerful, successful transformation. 

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