PAIN control & immunity

Do you fear the needle? 

Maybe you need to go to the dentist but have been avoiding it because of the anaesthetic needle? 

Or maybe you have been wanting to get a tattoo but the fear of the pain prevents you from having what you want?

Are you suffering from a painful illness, for example: PCOS, endometriosis, CPRS, fibromyalgia, ulcers, back pain unrelated to an injury?

If you are, did you know that Hypnosis is a proven a pain control method that is used all over the world.  Hypnosis can be used for all types of pain control including dentist trips, hypno birthing and in some cases extreme surgery!

It’s now well established that your thoughts and feelings can have a profound impact on your physical health.

Your immune system is the primary protection mechanism in your body against infection and disease. It needs to produce the right response at the right time to the right degree to help keep you safe and healthy. Having said that, it is now firmly established that the mind and body are intricately interconnected and that state of mind can directly influence the working of the immune system, and vice versa. Extreme and prolonged anger, anxiety and the stress of depression all weaken the immune system, just as healthy sleep, optimism and happiness can strengthen it.

Using Hypnosis and Time Line Therapy® you can permanently release negative baggage from the past so you can positively focus towards what you want. Relaxation fights stress and in-turn strengthens your immune system. Hypnosis is a powerful way to relax, and counteracts the immune weakening effects of stress. Researchers from Ohio State University say "If you look at individuals who continue to practice hypnosis, they will continue to have enhanced immune function, and those who don’t, won’t.”

All Hypnotherapy sessions are individually tailored

When using Hypnosis to treat pain or medical conditions a referral from a GP is required.